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4) Guanti Stagni e umidi
Art.A/843 B - Guanti RISCALDATI YellowDiving
19 Riscaldatori & Canister
SPEDIZIONE 3/7 gg lavorativi
sotto guanto riscaldato da inserire deentro il guanto stagno.
€ 195,00
Art.A/843 C - RISCALDATORE per mani / LOLA
19 Riscaldatori & Canister
SPEDIZIONE 2/5 gg lavorativi
Diving with frozen fingers is over now – you will not experience your feelingless hands chilled to the bone making your dive unpleasant.
Every insert to be put into your cloth glove with its black side up.
The insert warms up the fingers’ top side, hands keep their touch feeling and nothing prevents from handling things and controlling your equipment underwater.
The connection cable leads under the dry suit wrist seal and works as a communicator at the same time.
EVR is available in two variants performance.
EVR-25 with an output 2x25W
EVR-35 with an output 2x35W
The EVR set consists of one pair of electrically heated glove inserts and a connector cable.
€ 95,00

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